About Us

 was establised in 2010 because there was no viable system available to keep you from dropping your iPad while you were preforming another perhaps distracting but related task (in our case using our iPad to control an RC helicopter). This gave rise to the tag line:

 "Keeping You Connected to Your Device"

Since that time we have expanded our product line to include podfobs for all of the most popular tablets and phones. We strive to keep the original device as slim and aesthetic as the original device and still provide the most protection possible. If you cannot find your particular product listed please contact us as we have probably made one for your device or we can certainly tell you if we can make one.

Contact Us at:

Salt Lake City, Utah

Podfobs are perfect forusing your personel device while   SKIING, HIKING, FISHING, BOATING, RC CONTROL, or any other ACTIVE USE .

A podfob allows you to access your electronic device easily and lets you perform other tasks without risk to your device.

All podfobs include a protective case connected to a stylish neck strap and are available for most popular devices including iPads, iPhones, Kindle and Xoom. 

A podfob is perfect for:

Remote Control Applications

Playing Hi Action Apps

GamesHospital Personnel

Trade Show Personnel

Small Children

Just Sitting on the Subway or Bus

Or any other active activity where one slip of the hand
can cost you hundreds of dollars if you drop your device.

Great for using your iPad as a remote control on some Drone Helicopters.